Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Patreon Rewards

I've added some new rewards for my patrons over at Patreon. I'm doing my best to make the rewards both awesome and enticing for people. I love writing and making a little bit of money from my writing helps me to do what I love. 

$1 per story - You get electronic access to everything I write. Ebooks, short stories, flash fiction, all of it.

$2 per story - In addition to all the electronic stories you can get your hand on, I'll send you a hand-written note of thanks. Because you're awesome and you deserve it.

$3 per story - All of the above, plus you'll get a print version of my first novel, Like Mind. It's won awards and stuff.

$4 per story - You get a custom story of flash fiction. That's somewhere between 100 and 500 words of prose for you.*

$5 per story (option 1) - If you choose this option you'll get a print version of my short stories twice a year. That'll be around 26 stories and the length of a novel.

$5 per story (option 2) - Or you can choose the option where I write a short story just for you. It'll be in the neighborhood of 1500 words.*

$6 per story - You get to name a character in one of my upcoming novels (within reason). I've got several novels in progress now. You pick the novel and the name.

$7 per story - You get to be the model of a character in one of my novels (again, within reason). It can either be modeled after you or someone you know.

*I retain all rights to the stories I write, even if I write it for you. 

If you're interested in one of these rewards you can click on over to my Patreon page and pledge away.

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