Thursday, September 19, 2019

So THAT'S what that's called!

I'm a communication coach!

I didn't know for the longest time what to call myself. I tried "speaking coach" or "speaking and writing coach" and it just felt cumbersome, but at the same time what I am meant to do. So that was awkward. I'd finally found this thing that resonates with me so deeply, but I didn't really know what to call it.

It's called Communication Coaching (I found out). And I know what you're probably thinking: how good a communication coach could I be if I didn't see what was obvious.

Pretty damn good, it turns out, but that's for you to decide. Here's my pitch:

I didn't see what was obvious because it was too close to me. I missed it because communication is something I do without thinking because I've been honing this skill-set my whole life, and professionally for two decades. I don't think of myself from that distance so I missed something that's obvious from a different perspective.

What I bring to you is a different perspective from your own story so you can better hear what it is that you're trying to say. I missed "communication coach" because I lacked perspective. You are, without a doubt, missing something key to your own story because you lack the perspective necessary to articulate it. Let me use intellectual humility, empathy, and my years of experience to help you name and tell your story!

Whaddya think?

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