Friday, August 2, 2013

New Novel: Like Mind

I published my new novel yesterday.

You can get it the ebook here or here. And the print version here.

As little as possible.  That's how often Corey likes to work. But when real life gets in the way, he tries to earn a little rent money... by volunteering as a medical experiment subject.  Naturally, the test goes wrong -- and Corey begins to discover abilities he can't explain. When he spots the first tail, he dismisses it. But then more join in, and suddenly Corey is being chased through Portland, Oregon, by threatening characters in suits. He's not even surprised when he discovers that Anka, the "nurse" who ran the medical experiment, works for the NSA. And boy, he'd like to ask her out.  As exciting as it is to explore his newfound powers and dodge the evil empire that ruthlessly pursues him -- while taking breaks for epic hacky-sack battles and tasty tots -- Corey and Anka had better get to the bottom of his condition as quickly as they can. Because whatever gave Corey his superpowers is also killing him. This witty, sharply-comic first novel from Portland native James T. Wood is this year's must-read adventure.

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