Friday, September 13, 2013

Further up and Further in

In "The Chronicles of Narnia" CS Lewis talks about the the land beyond the sunset. That land is like where we live now, but it's deeper, fuller, bigger, and more real. When people get there they just keep going further up and further in. They ascend to new heights as they get deeper into the new reality. They aren't asked to be less of themselves, but to become their true selves.

That describes my writing now. I'm in the midst of heavy rewriting on World Song which, on the one hand, is frustrating because I thought I was done with it. But on the other hand the novel is becoming more of itself as I delve further into the stories and the reason behind the stories. The more I live in the world I've created the more of itself it becomes.

The same is also true of me as a writer. The more I write, the more I'm hungry to share what I've learned. I'm not an expert, by any means, but I love to collaborate and share what I know to help others out. I'm in a few writing critique groups that help me and allow me to help others. I'll be presenting at a self-publishing panel in two weeks at the Fort Vancouver Library. You should come.

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