Friday, September 26, 2014


When you follow the money you find the truth -- whether you want to or not.



Subject: Something Weird

HI Rob,

How’s life over there in the news pit? I saw your story the other day about the Supreme Court decisions. Brilliant!

I just wanted to go over some strange stuff I noticed when auditing your accounts. It looks like funds have been going from SN to some political campaigns. I wanted to make sure that was supposed to be happening. If not, I can fix the glitch and get things squared away.





Subject: RE: Something Weird

Hey Bill,

Glad you liked the story. It was trending on Twitter for a while.

Those contributions are legit. Thanks for checking.




Subject: Re: RE: Something Weird

So you and Lil Miss Twerk are taking over Twitter?

I really don’t want to beat a dead horse, but you do know that those contributions are going to help the other side, right?



From: 808H4RR1$

Subject: Let’s Talk

Bill, it’s me. I can’t continue the conversation from my other address. Can we meet to talk about what you found?

To: 808H4RR1$


Subject: Re: Let’s Talk

What’s going on? I’m halfway across the country right now. Can’t we talk on the phone?


From: 808H4RR1$

Subject: Re: Re: Let’s Talk

Tonight. 8:30 EST - irc://

%% Please Wait while IRC-Transport connects to the server and/or joins the channel…

%% H4RR1$ Has Joined Channel “Private”


%% BillL Has Joined Channel “Private”

<H4RR1gt; Bill?

<BillL> Yeah, it’s me. What’s with all the secrecy, Rob?

<H4RR1gt; You need to back off on the money trail, Bill.

<BillL> What do you mean? What’s going on?

<H4RR1gt; More than you want to know. Can you just back off?

<BillL> No. Not without some idea of what’s going on.

<H4RR1gt; Fine. We’re in the business of making money. We’re making sure that we do that.

<BillL> By contributing to the political campaigns of the people your network opposes?

<H4RR1gt; Yes… that’s a part of it.

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